The Velvet F1 group varieties are intended especially for planting in containers such as flower boxes, hanging bowls or raised containers to emphasise their overhanging character. They create a massive cascade and bloom during the whole season. If cultivated correctly, they bloom on the whole surface of the plant.

Thanks to the length of their overhanging shoots reaching 80-100 cm, the varieties of the Velvet F1 group can compete with varieties grown from cuttings.

All Velvet F1 varieties can also be planted in flower beds where they grow together in a short time and create a flower carpet about 25-cm-high.

Excellent health, exuberant growth, blossoms of medium size and high seed germination are great advantages of these varieties. The price of delivered seeds is also interesting. The method of cultivation does not differ from other petunia groups. Plants have a creeping character from the very beginning. Proper nutrition has a positive influence on the length of the spreading cascade.

E315 Purple Velvet F1
A time-proven and still very popular variety. Intense violet-purple blossoms with a dark throat, size 5.5-6 cm, plants create a cascade reaching 100 cm.

E495 Salmon Shades Velvet F1
An attractive variety with interesting flowers in fine pastel shades of salmon colour, flower size is 7-8cm. The spreading cascade can reach about 80 cm.

E008 Rose Vein Velvet F1
Rose with rich rose veins, flower size is 5-5.5 cm. Plants are very well-branched and bloom freely during the whole growing season. This variety creates an impressive spreading cascade of about 100 cm. Ideal for hanging containers and window boxes.

E314 Rosy Velvet F1
New variety in 2011
This supplements the F1 group with a new colour shade. The blossom is bright rose with a white throat. This colour contrast makes tha varietiy even mora attractive. Flower size is 6 to 7 cm. The plants are well-branched and bloom during the whole vegetation season. The variety creates an impressive cascade of about 80 cm.
Petunia hybrida   Petunia hybrida   Petunia hybrida   Petunia hybrida
Petunia hybrida
Purple Velvet F1
Petunia hybrida
E495 Salmon Shades Velvet F1
Petunia hybrida
E008 Rose Vein
Velvet F1
Petunia hybrida
Rosy Velvet F1
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