Dear Sir / Madam,

As many of you will certainly already have registered, transformation of the Černý Seed Company into a limited liability company was successfully completed at the end of 2016. This does not represent any fundamental change for you. We are still a Czech family business and are carrying on the flower breeding and seed production traditions which started way back in the history of our family.

Breeding new varieties is the highest priority for us. Proof of this are the interesting new products from our breeders, which we would like to introduce to you for the coming sales season.

One absolutely ground-breaking event this year is the introduction of a trio of Sensation F1 interspecific begonias which were created through interspecific hybridisation, thus bringing a brand new and original type to our begonia product ranges. These varieties are resistant to the most extreme conditions and thrive wonderfully whatever the weather. They are suitable for planting in beds and above all also in large flower pots. This lone plant will become the focal point of your garden. It will enchant and at the same time stun with its beautiful appearance, massive and dignified presence. We currently offer interspecific begonias in three colours: Sensation F1 Pink, F1 White and F1 Pink with bronze leaves. This is an exceptional product both for professionals and also for flower fans, delivered in the form of top-quality pellets.

It is our pleasure to introduce you to a long and impatiently awaited new product, the Velvet F1 White, which extends the Velvet F1 “Surfinia” series grown from seed which you know so well. Plants branch abundantly and create a beautiful overhang 80 cm long. The charming pure white flowers can be harmoniously combined with any formerly introduced series of Velvet F1 and also offer countless possibilities for combination with other types of flowers, something which is becoming ever more popular at the moment. Seeds are supplied pelletised.

The wide range of standard F1 varieties of pelargonium x hortorum groups with green leaves has been enhanced by two new varieties: Lucie F1, with attractive orange flowers and Vlasta F1, which will catch your attention with their combination of red flowers with a white eye. It goes without saying that the seeds offer a traditionally high quality and germinating capacity.

We would like above all to thank you – our customers for your undying and ever-growing interest in the seeds we produce. It is precisely thanks to you that we are able to grow and it is thanks to your patronage and interest that more and more new varieties can be created. Varieties which give joy to professional growers and flower fans all over the world. We are certain that you will decide to try the new products on offer and that they will soon become part of the ranges you offer. Wishing you a successful sales season.

Looking forward to further cooperation with you.

The Černý Seed Company
Czech Republic

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