Dear Sir / Madam,

when we look back at the economic results of the last selling season, it is necessary to express heartfelt thanks to you for the unflagging confidence and attention you have devoted to the work associated with the promotion and sale of Černý Seeds.

Also this year we would like to present you with some interesting news:
The grandiflora petunia Mistral Pearly F1 that you know so well has welcomed three new "sisters": Mistral F1 Rosy, F1 Deep Blue and F1 Bright Red. Together they form the beginning of a whole new series of low, compact, large-flowered hybrid petunias whose properties will please professional growers in particular.

We have added a new shade to the popular series of already previously marketed small-flowered petunias Petit F1. Petit F1 Carmine Rose will delight you with its charming flowers of an intensely vivid pink.

The centrepieces of our product range are without doubt the Petunia veins in a star multiflora varieties, long known to you, such as Sophia F1, Nora F1, Brigitta F1 and Claudia F1. For the upcoming season we are including an entirely new and world-unique colour in this series. Small-flowered petunia Ingrid F1 flowers with beautiful creamy yellow blossoms with distinct brownish-yellow veins protracting from the gorge and extending to one-third of the blossom. The variety is naturally low, and creates highly compact plants.

We believe that the newly introduced varieties will find grateful customers amongst your professional clients, and please many lovers of flowers.

Upon request, we will gladly provide professional quality pictures of the new varieties.

We look forward to further cooperation with you.

Sincerely yours, the Černý Seed Company
Czech Republic

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