Ladies and gentlemen, dear colleagues,

At a time when the borders are formally closed and direct contact with people broken off, the means of communication we are left with are limited. A key one for us however is our seed catalogue, a catalogue which is published regularly every year. This is our message to you, proof on paper of our work, a piece of us and our company which you can hold in your hand and actually touch. There is a lot of work not only behind the products presented, but also behind this publication. Just like our new varieties, it is created in the hands of our breeders, reproducing and giving material form to the results of their tireless work, and this is why we want the catalogue in itself to be just as beautiful as the flowers on offer there. It would be wonderful if it could also convey the unmistakable scent of flowers wafting out of our production greenhouses every time we open the door.

Just like every year, we have included a few new varieties for you. After the enormous success of the Catharanthus roseus Volcano F1 group which we introduced last year, the offer of new products is noticeably more modest, yet nonetheless interesting, all the more intense for it and the scope of the constantly expanding work of our breeders promises a lot of attractive new products over the coming seasons.

Fans of small-flowered low varieties will in particular appreciate the addition to the existing colour range of Petit F1 mini petunias. The newly launched Petit F1 Blue is one of the earliest blooming and most attractive in the series.

The Dot Star F1 Red petunia propagated by seed represents a revolutionary achievement in our breeding programme. The variety extends our portfolio of petunias with white dots and spots which it was only possible to grow from cuttings in the past. It fittingly complements our two previously introduced varieties, the Dot Star F1 Dark Violet and the Dot Star F1 Deep Pink. The attractive white dots and spots really do now stand out against the deep red “background”.

We also managed to complete work on an improved version of the well-known large-flowered petunia Snění F1. The variety is now more balanced, more compact, more resistant and meets the latest requirements of growers.

It is now already certain that the range of colours and colour combinations currently under preparation and to be launched in the future will pleasantly surprise you and perhaps even us. Our intensive breeding will take the path of uniqueness and novelty, not just following the existing trends, but setting them.

We would like to thank you for the confidence you have placed in us, for your cooperation and for enabling us to overcome all of the unexpected obstacles we encountered together as well as for allowing our joint business to enjoy healthy growth. We greatly appreciate the exceptional and friendly relationship we enjoy and look forward to further cooperation with you!

Respectfully yours
Jan Černý
Jakub Černý

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